Who We Are

Operating from Africa and Europe, and through a number of Divisions within our group, we bring Food, Agri. Commodities and Agri. Industrial solutions, to our global clients.

Specifically, we offer important farmer services solutions through representing the worlds’ best manufacturers of Agri. infrastructure machinery and technology that help improve yield and quality of crops, produce and food processing.

Our Commodity Trading business is substantial and growing. We source soft commodity ingredients, used in the manufacture of foods and wellness direct from co-operatives and farms throughout the West African sub region. We trade these to our customers globally. Our clients also look to us to support their procurement of produce used in the manufacture of foods and medicines.

BOESS Foods, produces and distributes packaged foods, drinks and snacks largely in West Africa.

Our Land & Labour Division is an Information and Communication Agency focused on Agriculture. Our aim is to expand and promote the Land of Africa and its people – its Labour. There is ‘A New African Story on Agriculture. Land & Labour will tell that story through various media and platforms.

With a strong sense of service, we operate with high integrity and hard work. This means that we remove all risks from doing business in a complex but profitable region.

Our business is compelling because we operate into and from the fastest growing economic region in the world. Sub-Sahara Africa also has the most arable land on earth. A fast growing young population and a burgeoning middle class. Rapid urbanisation and new Government policies on Agriculture and Food production, has presented an enabling environment for strong returns whilst at the same time, positively affecting lives.

Our History