AIP BOESS (ATT) Concludes Successful Trade Mission To Spain.

Executive Director, Santiago Zubiaga announced on Monday 19th of July that ATT the Agri. Trade Tour brand of AIP BOESS Consulting had successfully concluded its first trade tour to Murcia – one of the most innovative Agricultural regions in the world.

Businesses in the Agriculture and Food production sector from Nigeria boarded a flight that landed in Alicante on Sunday 12th of July to begin a one week visit to some of Europe’s most advanced companies in the area of farming and food production.

In all, the delegation met with 40 companies, 120 top executives and covered over 2,100km. It culminated in a ‘meet and greet’ exhibition at the luxurious Melia Golf Hotel and Resort on Friday the 16th.

All the Nigerian businesses and business men and women who participated on the trade visits have confirmed that they will now review their expansion plans and re-asses their projects in light of the technological innovations and advanced processes they saw.

Commercial relationships established, businesses in this region are now set to focus their expansion plans on sub sahara Africa in the near future. Keen on initiating projects with more businesses in Nigeria and with AIP BOESS facilitating links with Governments and agencies in Nigeria, Santiago Zubiaga states that “the benefits to Nigeria and Spain are immense as Nigeria looks outside its traditional procurement markets of Northern Europe and Asia and Spanish manufacturers expand their horizons beyond South America and North Africa”.

Further talks have been held between AIP BOESS and its partners in Spain, which will result in further trade missions being planned. Zubiaga has confirmed that the next one will be in September 2021 with dates to be announced within weeks.