Supply and trading are important engines of AIP BOESS’ business.

We are a connecter of users and producers of soft commodity produce and grains with harvests.

Our service level is the glue that binds us to our global processing, milling and refining clients. Trading ingredients integrates in-depth market knowledge with operational decisions on sourcing, grading and logistics.  

We are proud of our ability to take on complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. We, and our partners are on the ground in local markets where we are able to consider the real relationships between cause and effect. Our decision-making is to the benefit of our customers.

Our supplies come from farmers, farming co-operatives, and processing plants and are at various stage from raw to processed and usually as our customers want them. We aim to certify our raw supplies so that our buyers/clients can be sure of the quality and standards. Generally, it is in our DNA to meet the very highest standards of production. We will never compromise on quality standards in any area of our business.  

We are moving our activities to more refined supplies and to that end we are building storage and processing capacity closer to the sources of production.  

Respect for Africa’s natural extracts means that we are focused on concentrating refining and production closer to the resource. It is fairer to the farmers and local communities, uplifting for women, very transformational in its impact and better for the world.  

AIP BOESS is developing origination assets in various countries in West Africa. We also have an impressive network and partnerships throughout the continent.

We have active offers for the following soft commodity produce;

  • Sesame Seeds
  • Ginger
  • Pigeon Peas
  • Honey
  • Cashew
  • Shea Nuts and Butter

To receive our spec and offer sheets on any of these commodities and others, please email us on or complete the form below