Africa holds vast agricultural potential due to its large domestic market and its abundant arable land. However, only 30% of the continent’s 600 million hectares of arable land is currently under cultivation.

Despite its large agricultural potential, Africa has continued to be a net importer of foodstuff for more than two decades, and the gap between imports and exports continues to grow. Currently, the agricultural sector is fragmented and dominated by smallholder farmers, suggesting that most producers cannot take advantage of the economies of scale required to compete globally or against imports.

Opportunities exist by utilising arable land, aggregating small firms, and implementing technological innovations to overcome local challenges.

At AIP BOESS Consulting;

  • We work with the public and private sectors to deploy distinct solutions that overcome the challenges Africa faces in Agriculture and Food production.
    • We help create processes and platforms needed to develop Agriculture and Food production.
    • We help the States create tools designed to attract investment.
  • We also assist foreign investors who have African interests with advisory and counsel that will help overcome road-blocks and ensure that capital is deployed efficiently and successfully. We design processes that help mitigate the risks so that superior returns are enjoyed here in Africa where opportunities remain the most compelling in the world.
  • We have developed proprietary methodologies in auditing the Agricultural resources of a State, Region or Country
    • What crops can grow in a state in commercial quantities
    • What arable land is available and its size
    • Current state of farming and solutions that can and should be deployed
    • A report after our audit that will cost the solutions including organizing a flourishing trade in commodities and food production including export possibilities
    • We will link you with world class global partners to produce transformational results
    • The aim of the audit and report will be to provide a road map of solutions that will exponentially increase direct and indirect employment, a vibrant private sector and increase the IGR of the state or income or the institution.
  • We hold regular Workshops and seminars on various Agriculture and Food development matters and opportunities – suitable for Government, Civil Service, Financial Institutions and Interested Members of the Public.

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