Our Approach

To play a pivotal and lasting role in our business requires a long-term perspective.

We have and will continue to invest in economic infrastructure and build long-term relationships with producers and end-users. We will make sure our operations are streamlined and we will simplify our logistics.

Long-term prosperity is built on firm foundations. We maintain stable relationships by creating lasting, shared value. We deliver sustainable growth by acting as reliable partners for our clients, equity partners and shareholders.

The Challenge

Our trading activities, which lie at the heart of the AIP BOESS business model, involves the physical movement of natural extracts from places where they are abundant to where they are in demand. We aim to source, store, refine and deliver a wide variety of produce to our customers across the globe. This presents a series of significant challenges and opportunities in relation to the broad issue of sustainability: from assuring we acquire produce from Agri literate farmers; to complying with sanctions and legal requirements; to shipping produce in a safe and secure manner; to selecting and managing contractors and counterparties.

Our industrial assets, which support our trading interests, include storage facilities and warehouses. Assets are strategically positioned at key junctions in the flow of produce – providing employment to rural Africans. Our activities are as technically and commercially complex as they are geographically and operationally dispersed. This requires AIP BOESS to perform its operations to the highest standards and in a responsible manner, ensuring that health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) matters are at the forefront of the planning and decision making processes. But we recognise that we always need to go further, society expects it.