AIP BOESS announces agreement with Tal-Ya of Israel to distribute the Water Crop Tray to Nigerian Farmers.

14th February, 2020

AIP BOESS Nigeria’s fast growing Agricultural products supplier and Commodity trader announced in Lagos today that it has reached agreement with Israeli Agricultural products developer and manufacturer to market and distribute the Tal-Ya Water Crop Trays in Nigeria.

The Crop Water Tray is a unique and patented polypropylene tray that covers the plant’s root system, directing water and fertilizer directly to the root, while protecting the earth around the root from weeds and extreme temperatures.

The trays are easy to use and bring tremendous added value to farmers, dramatically increasing crop yield and enabling farmers to harvest more from each tree, faster.

3 year difference in citrus tree using the Water Crop Tray and a tree not using the tray.

Proven In Research 50% Water Savings 50% Savings In Fertilizer
Alternative to herbicides – weed killer Compatible with irrigation Uses rain water and dew

Titi Ijimakinwa, Executive Director announced that the company will be embarking on a nation-wide roadshow to 13 cities (so far confirmed) from next month to show the revolutionary Water Crop Tray to farmers and government. ‘We expect to see up to 2,000 farmers up and down the country and initial opinion is that they are very excited about the Water Crop Tray. The price point makes it affordable for most progressive and forward looking farms, from small holder farms to the large institutional farms”.

The Tal-Ya Water Crop Tray will be marketed and distributed through The AIMAT Co. AIP BOESS’wholly owned Agricultural Infrastructure Resources Company.AIMAT sources Infrastructure, Mechanical and Technology products and solutions from the leading manufacturers in the world. We work with our partners to market and distribute the solutions to farmers and food producers in Nigeria.

Tal-Ya Agriculture Solutions is an Israeli Agriculture manufacturer who has spent decades developing the Water Crop Tray, which is now sold world-wide and benefiting farmers in various countries from the United States, India, China and now to be sold here in Nigeria. The founder and Managing Director of Tal-Ya, AviTamir is very excited at the opportunity that the Nigerian market offers and is pleased for the partnership with a dynamic and fast growing company like AIP BOESS.

Patented in more than 70 countries world-wide, another attraction of the trays for the African market is its affordability especially to the largely small holder farmers to be found in this part of the world.


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