3rd January, 2020

In line with our approach to working with only best-in-class global manufacturers, AIP BOESS through The AIMAT Co. its wholly owned Agriculture Infrastructure & Resources business, has finalised agreements with two manufacturers whose products will change the outcomes for farmers in Nigeria.

Farm Irrigation Solution (FIS)

For commercial farms and those who wish to commercialize their farms, a major consideration is how to properly and efficiently water their crops. Along with our best-in-class partners, we have designed a Farm Irrigation System (FIS) that will bring water to farms and pipe it to the crops efficiently - saving time and money. FIS is suitable for small-holder farms and large multi acre institutional and corporate farms. The system will spray or drip water only as and when needed, offering the following amazing benefits;

  1. Irrigation Scheduling – only use water when is needed.
  2. Automate watering your plants – huge savings in labour costs.
  3. Water Volume – savings in quantity and costs of water.


F.I.S. system incorporates;

  1. Borehole design and construction
  2. Pump
  3. Water tank
  4. Certified and Patented Ultra Violent resistance pipes.
  5. Generator or Solar for power
  6. Timers where required


Tal-Ya Water Crop Tray

Through The AIMAT Co., we will market and distribute the Tal-Ya Water Crop Tray throughout Nigeria.

The Tal-Ya Water Crop Water Tray is a unique and patented polypropylene tray that covers the plant’s root system, directing water and fertilizer directly to the root, while protecting the earth around the root from weeds and extreme temperatures. The trays are easy to use and bring tremendous added value to farmers, dramatically increasing crop yield and enabling farmers to harvest more from each tree, faster.

Proven In Research 50% Water Savings 50% Savings In Fertilizer
Alternative to herbicides – weed killer Compatible with irrigation Uses rain water and dew

See the clear difference in success of the crop using the Crop Water Tray Farmers in the United States, Israel, China, Sri Lanka, India amongst others are already enjoying the benefits of the Crop Water Tray.

The Crop Water Tray will benefit;

  1. All farm sizes
  2. All crop types
  3. Greenhouses
  4. Large Residential landscaping
  5. Urban parklands
  6. Re-forestation efforts
  7. With or without irrigation
  8. Brilliant in drought season or areas
  9. With minimum water or no water at all
  10. Will help eliminate weeds

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