• Agriculture is Life

  • We represent the world's leading manufacturers
    and solution providers to help commercialise
    agriculture in Africa
  • We aggregate add value and ship identified Agri
    produce in bulk to our customers world wide
  • We are launching great tasting branded
    packaged foods and snacks using
    world class food processing

AIP BOESS manages and operates a portfolio of commercial interests along the Agriculture and Food Value Chains

Our Covenant

We are a family of professional associates building a unique company. We are on a mission to create new and successful African societies through enterprise in Agriculture.

We are pioneering new relationships with communities and their land, to deliver better food produce locally in Africa and to the world through trade.

Every AIP BOESS associate and leader has an unflinching commitment to sustain people and land through a different kind of partnership where success is spread and communities are elevated. We are already proving that this approach is a more effective and long lasting method of making superior returns.

Personal values of hard work, passion, creativity and integrity guide our everyday efforts.We believe in Africa and it’s future contribution to the new world.We know that our commercial success is guaranteed and sustainable only when it aligns with uplifting the fortunes of the communities we work in.

Our Divisions

Commodity Trading

Aggregate, add value, bulk shipment.


Great tasting packaged foods and snacks

Infrastructure and Resources

Mission to commercialise Africas agriculture

AIP BOESS Consulting

Our intellectual resource is benefitting government and companies

Land & Labour TV

A New African Story on Agriculture (ANASA)

Highlights and News

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